ZIO CIRO Subito Cotto 60 Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Italian made, premium quality Subito Cotto 60 Oven – portable and ready to use.  Comes with a square modern flue and door (stand sold separately). Note: the square flue and door can be painted black with Stove Bright Black Heatproof spray paint (if required).

The oven dome and the cooking floor hob are entirely made of the highest quality pre-cast refractory concrete material. The refractory material has excellent thermal properties, once the cooking temperature has been reached the oven maintains the
temperature for long periods of time, even after the fire or flame has been extinguished.

It is ideal for cooking Italian pizzas (2 capacity) in a traditional way but also for bread, roasts, grilled fish, grilled vegetables, salad and sweet cakes.

It consumes small amounts of wood and reaches the baking temperature in a very short period of time (450 C° in 30 minutes). The “Subito Cotto 60” oven has an internal diameter of 60cm and is a ready to use, pre-assembled, insulated and finished. It
is light weight and can be transported and used in small spaces such as terraces, balconies, small gardens but also indoor or outdoor kitchens.

The Subito Cotto is available also with GAS Burner KIT Accessory, Made in Italy, compatible with Natural Gas, LPG or Methane. It consumes small amounts of wood/gas and reaches the baking temperature 450 C° (850 F°) in 45-60 minutes.

All components are made in Italy according to a rigorous Artisan method with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. 100% Made in Italy.

The oven is built on a metal base that features 4 metal support legs that allow for countertop installation while giving enough clearance to accommodate the gas burner on the gas models.

If you decide to install the oven on the available stand, this can be accomplished by assembling the stand with its support crossbars and by inserting the oven base inside the legs of the stand.

The base of the oven is insulated with a thick layer of expanded clay, the refractory dome is covered by a layer of high-temperature rock wool insulator, and protected by a patented composite outer shelf, that protects the oven from the elements and gives our ovens their unique look. 


The use of the gas burner is limited to outside use only.

Install your oven in an area protected from wind gusts that might prevent the burner from functioning safely and efficiently.

Never run your burner unattended.

Do not use the gas burner while a wood fire is active.

All gas burners are supplied for LPG Gas connection. Natural gas conversion kits are available during purchase, either in stock or as a special-order

item. Natural Gas Conversion must be completed by a qualified Licensed Gas Fitter.

Please perform a gas leak test before using the gas burner as the gas fittings could become loose during transportation.

Please contact us for availability or special installation requirements.

External: 83cm W x 76cm D x 56cm H (without flue)
External height: 86cm oven with square flue
Metal Stand included: 50cm W x 60cm D x 95cm H
Internal: 60cm diameter
Mouth opening: 41cm W x 18cm H
Weight incl stand: 120kg
Pizzas: 1-2 

Note:  wheels for the stand can be purchased as an optional extra.

Bench mount oven: The oven has 4 x short bench mount legs hidden behind the black metal oven base skirt, raising the oven off the bench.

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