ZIO CIRO Subito Cotto 100 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Subito Cotto 100 Wood Fired Oven – Portable and ready to use.
The oven dome and the cooking floor hob are entirely made of
the highest quality pre-cast refractory concrete material. The
refractory material has excellent thermal properties, once the
cooking temperature has been reached the oven maintains
the temperature for long periods of time, even after the fire or
flame has been extinguished.

It is ideal for cooking Italian pizzas (4-5 capacity) in a traditional
way but also for bread, roasts, grilled fish, grilled vegetables,
salad and sweet cakes.

It consumes small amounts of wood and reaches the baking
temperature in a very short period of time (450 C° in 30

The “Subito Cotto 100” oven has a very large internal diameter
of 100cm and is a ready to use, pre-assembled, insulated and

All components are made in Italy according to a rigorous
Artisan method with expert craftsmanship and the highest
quality materials. 100% Made in Italy.

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