Stainless Steel Pizza Oven 2 Piece Tool Set

Stainless Steel Pizza Spinner

The pizza spinner makes maneuvering the tool and pizzas inside the oven so much easier than a square head peel. This pizza turner will make cooking pizza easier and the process more enjoyable

  • Handle Length: 88cm
  • Head diameter: 25cm
  • Total length : 113cm

Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Brush

The Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Brush will allow you to carefully scrape off any remaining food and keep the oven clean and also push your burning wood and coals around the oven without burning the brush head. Steel bristles last longer than hair bristles and are fire-proof as well. 


  • Handle length: 85cm
  • Head size: 20×6.8cm
  • Total Length: 91.8cm
$195 inc. (Free Delivery)

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