Royal Benchtop Wood Fired Pizza Oven

An incredibly attractive authentic handmade Wood Fired Oven perfect for any garden or outdoor area. The R-US Lite Oven is light weight at 140kg, easy to use and very efficient with a fast heat up time and excellent thermal properties (including five layers of insulation). This stunning fully insulated oven is handmade using high-quality refractory material clay. To achieve high-temperature cooking and to have the ability to retain heat for slow cooking. The oven will reach high temperatures while staying cool to touch on the outside. The R-Us Lite wood fired oven is completely assembled and ready to fire up. Once cured, light a wood fire inside the oven and allow approximately 20 minutes for the oven to get up to full temperature. Once up to temperature the oven will stay warm for a very long periods of time. Cook pizzas in 1-2 minutes or cook “low and slow” delicious dishes including roasts, meats, fish and fresh bread. Features: Completely assembled oven / No assembly required With or without Stand/Trolley High quality construction, very long lasting and extremely durable Thermometer on the outside to monitor the temperature with ease Maintenance free and easy to clean Weather resistant – retains its good looks after years of use Steel drop down door with ventilation hatch
  • Oven: 65cm H x 78cm W x 78cm D
  • Oven with stand: 135cm H
  • Oven Weight: 140 kg
  • Oven with stand weight: 170kg
  • Cooking Area: 65cm
  • Chimney 140mm
We highly recommending ordering the pizza oven cover with your oven for protection from rain and the harsh elements when not in use. RUS Lite Pizza Oven Cover: $195 inc.  

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