AUS PRO Modular Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The AUS PRO Modular Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit contains 8 lightweight pre-cast modular pieces (approx. 40kg each) and features a smooth refractory cooking floor.

Our authentic Aus Pro wood fired oven is an Australian Made premium quality refractory concrete oven. The perfect size for families and can cook approx 3 pizzas or wood-fired roasts, meats, vegetables and delicious desserts.

This clever modular design makes installation easy and a great option for difficult access properties. No heavy lifting or crane hire, no construction required and no need for cutting bricks, bricklaying or concrete rendering the dome.

Simply assemble the insulation board on your concrete or Hebel base, lay the refractory cooking floor and then the 4 x ship lap oven dome pieces. Fit the ready made outer dome shell. The outer dome is supplied in the most popular white satin finish however, you can paint the outer dome with any Dulux exterior paint colour and finish.

Cooking Information Achieve high cooking temperatures 400+ degrees Celsius. Long lasting heat retention for slow cooking & baking Pizzas cook in only 2-3 minutes!

Australian Made – Premium Quality
Commercial Grade Refractory – type of refractory
No concrete rendering,
No brick laying construction required
Ready to assemble and use right out of the box.
Easy modular light-weight individual pieces
8 lightweight pre-cast refractory modular pieces (approx. 40kg each)
Pre-cast solid smooth polished refractory cooking floor (not inferior firebricks)
Clever design with ship-lap joints for easy assembly and no need for any joint fillers and adhesives
Black Flue and Cowl
Lift off Black Steel door
Ceramic insulating blanket
Step-by-step photo instructions, video demonstration & support

Authentic wood fired oven
High heat production for wood fired pizzas every 2 minutes
Fully Insulated retains heat for long periods of time for slow cooking baking
Cool to touch on the outside dome
Under cooking floor Insulation material and thickness
Cooking floor cast high grade polished smooth refractory
Oven dome segments: cast refractory
Fast heat up time.
Compact design.
Perfect internal heat balance.
The full kit has everything you need.

External oven: 90cm W x 95cm D
Internal oven: 70cm W x 70cm D x 45cm H
Mouth: 50cm W x 29cm H
Weight: 300kg


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